Monday, February 1, 2016

Story Seed - New Moon

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Worldship Vesta wasn't the largest in the Earth Exodus Fleet, but it was big enough. The potato shaped vessel was massive, easily able to accommodate nearly a billion souls. Rotating around a central access shaft the curved living space within the hollowed out cylindrical interior approximated Earth standard gravity. A multitude of fusion reactors located on the surface provided power and motive force allowing the Vesta to achieve a constant acceleration of 0.098 meters per second squared. Sustained over the past decade the Vesta was now cruising along at almost 10% of the speed of light.

Vesta's course was plotted out for a twelve light year journey to exoplanet Eden. Like the other Worldships the Vesta was traveling alone. With the Earth no longer capable of sustaining human life the world's leaders had opted for the most conservative approach to safeguarding the species; splitting the human race between the four exoplanets most likely to be capable of supporting humanity in the long term. Worldship's Ceres, Haumea, and Eris were each on their own journey's to their own worlds, each shepherding a large portion of the Earth's displaced population.

The people of Vesta had not heard from the other Worldships in years now, and it was possible they never would. In effect they were forced to assume that they were the last of humanity. Vesta drifted through the void, a hollow world filled with the precious life to start a new world. A great egg in space, waiting to find a place to hatch.

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