Monday, May 9, 2016

Story Seed - Binary Sunrise

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The darkness of night slowly leaked away. The horizon began to glow faintly orange, then red, and then purple. The hot first rays of light from the Blaze illuminated the ship and sparkled in motes across the seas of sand. The first mate bellowed orders and the crew quickly climbed the rigging, forming a chain of men passing the water buckets up to the highest reaches. They quickly doused the sails, soaking them through. The Blaze's light quickly turned that water to steam, the hot sun's light banishing the cool of night in mere moments.

The crew kept themselves doused as well, the Blaze's rays burned, and burned quickly, in the early morning hours before the rising of its blue tinged sister Frost. At last the first cool blue rays leaped over the horizon cooling everything they touched. The crew began to remove the fireproof clothing as the sails dried with little risk of catching fire.

The first mate barked more orders, the sails were finally rigged full and the ship's leisurely night pace was left behind as it leaped forward with renewed vigor. The dunes below fell behind faster and faster as the navigator began to take fresh measurements against the twin suns.