Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday Tools #5 - It Came From the (MCG) Blog!

If you are like me and enjoy the Cypher System then you are probably also like me and enjoy reading the various columns and blog posts by the folks at Monte Cook Games. I especially like it when Bruce or Monte offer us a peek behind the design curtain and sometimes even gives us new tools to use in our games.

If you're also like me you spend a while looking for those posts later because you forgot to bookmark them or save them offline. So I decided to build an INDEX of blog posts (you can find it there ← via the link or up there ↑ in the pages bar) . It's not exhaustive of every post, but if there was GMing or player advice, new rules, or discussion of mechanics I tried to make sure I caught it and put it in there. If you don't play The Strange or Numenera and only use the Cypher System Rulebook for games in other settings you may still want to check out posts titled for those games as the system is the same (and really those early Numenera posts from Monte are gold).

If you find something is missing let me know and I'll see to adding it. The index will be a work in progress that I'll probably update once a month or so. Thanks to MCG for having such awesome resources, and for Charles for giving me the OK to post this up for public consumption!