Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RPGaDay 2016 - Day 23

Source: http://www.brigadecon.org/rpgaday2016/

August 23 - Share one of your best "Worst Luck" stories?

This happened quite recently during a monthly DCC session. My dwarf, Bellows, had a nice middle of the road luck score of 10. He decided to show how awesome he was and drink a glass of river water that had a minnow in it. The GM requested a luck check.


Bellows started to choke. A smack on the back and 1 HP lost later the fish was flopping on the floor. Bellows, not to be outdone by a tiny fish, plopped in back into the drink and had a second go. Another luck check was requested.

Fail (I think it was a 13)

Once more Bellows began to choke. His friends tried by failed to help so Bellows ran into a wall to force the fish free. 1 more damage taken. Later he got a chance to rest a bit, and gained 1 HP back (meaning he was down 1 HP from max).

Much later a bear charged him. His attack failed to connect (an attack that likely could have killed the bear) and the bear attacked back! Claw! Miss! Claw! Miss! Bite! CHOMP! 8 points of damage.

Did I mention that 1st level Bellows only had 9 HPs when fully healed? Did I point out that he was down exactly 1 HP because of a minnow?

Bellows died because of the unlikely tag team efforts of a huge bear and a tiny fish.

BUT WAIT! In DCC you get a luck check if the PCs can recover the body fast enough. "17"

Yup, that's a dead dwarf. Unluckiest day of his life.