Friday, October 21, 2016

Gods of the Fall - Gods of the [blank] part 3 - Gods of Antiquity

Thunderbolts of lightning, very very frightening, to me!

Classical Myths No-one Knows

You're the child of God and Man. Perhaps your mother was seduced by Zeus, or maybe your father managed to bed Aphrodite. Regardless of your specific parentage the end result is that you are more than human, but also far less than god. If you want to gain entry to Olympus you need to prove your worth and earn your immortality and godhood.

Character types should come from Gods of the Fall and in fact much of what hold true for the Gods of the Afterworld applies equally true for the scions of Olympus (or Asgard, or Duat, or whatever classical mythology you decide to use). Most Foci will be fantasy and magic based but some of the technological foci might be reworked to employ a sort of primitive steam and clockwork technology, especially when employed by characters sired by gods of forge and intellect.

The world is our own during the appropriate historical eras. A little historical research will go a long way. The gods are only rarely able to sire children among themselves but are far more fertile when one of the parents is a human. The monsters of the world, often children of the titans or other enemies of the gods, do not have such problems and so creatures like minotaurs, hydras, harpies, and the like are often the antagonists of human civilization and the gods as well. At higher levels your divine parent's enemies, including other gods, may rise to become your own enemies.

Adventure Ideas
The nemean lion was just one such beast born of animal and titan and another such creature is threatening your village or town. A great war between nations has erupted and there is opportunity for glory and heroism in joining one side, or the other. An angry god is tormenting a man, or a civilization, and your band is in a place where you can stop it, or aid the god.

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