Monday, October 17, 2016

Story Seed - Revelation

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The serpentine shadow rose up. The beast blocked out the light from the window, casting a writhing tendril of darkness to course across the floor. It's jaws opened wide as a man as it hissed. Fetid breath that reeked of corpses billowed forth, blowing Kessik's hair back, and rising bile into his throat.

Steel sung out as Kessik pulled the two long-swords from their scabbards. Behind him the creak of a bow and a quicker, lesser, ring of steel as Kessik's companions readied for war. The creature reared back eyeing them with a great yellow orb. It studied them intently through inhuman eyes and finally coiled inward on itself. "Whaaat do you ssseek?" it asked sullenly, its dinner plate sized eyes still staring intently at Kessik.

Confused Kessik warily lowered his blades. Somewhere behind him the bow creaked as it was eased. Kessik cast a glance over his shoulder at the others, giving them a questioning look. Hayle flipped her dagger and shrugged. Kessik scowled, being the leader of the band was so seldom easy. He turned back to the creature which simply him intently. "We ... ahh... we're seeking ... answers?"

The serpent laughed, a dry dusky sound like as rasp going over old paper. "You ssssought to ssssslay an old evil in a forgotten temple young god. You ssssought to further your legend and power."

"Are you not that evil? A serpent that consumes men in the night?"

"Open your eyesss young one, there isss more to me than a predator who feedsss to sssurvive."

Kessik frowned and then his aura flared to life, a pair of spectral sword crossed above his head as he examined the serpent. "You're a god?" he asked finally.

"Yesss, long ago. Long forgotten. Forgotten and spared the Fall because of it."

Kessik thought the creature sounded sad. "Wait ... spared the Fall? Because you were forgotten?" Kessik sheathed his swords, "Tell us what you know."

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