Monday, October 24, 2016

Story Seed - History

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There are places of power in the world that are older than the gods. The deeps stretch back to ages beyond memory, but even on the surface there are relics the tell of ages long passed. The broken torment of the Ruinscape, the sun begotten Nightlands, and even the Verge make up only a portion of the world. Rumors an tales from beyond the desert and beyond the seas tells of places untouched by the physical effects of the Fall, though even in those lands Gods died and civilization was thrown into chaos and upheaval.

I have spoken with travelers, both those from these far flung places, and those who come from here and have traveled beyond our lands. There are many stories I have been told. There are many places that I have heard about. Of all of these only a Godsbarrow is consistently accounted.

It is old and massive. More a mountain than a structure. At its heart lay the bodies of dead gods. Through its corridors roam spirits and servitors. The stories say that one who would claim the lost power of the gods can venture within. That at the heart of the Godsbarrow they may take divinity for themselves, but in doing so they become bound to the same fate as the gods before them.

~Excertped from A True Accounting of the World's Lost History by Elzor of Corso

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