Friday, November 18, 2016

Gods of the Fall - Divine Cyphers

Cyphers are bits of Elanehtar. Rendered physical in the world and smashed like a piece of china slammed to the floor the former godsrealm is now so many broken bits of loose power. By definition this makes all cyphers a little bit divine. But there are divine cyphers and then then are Divine cyphers.

The dozen plus new cyphers in Gods of the Fall are almost all made to interact with Divine Shifts in some way, and all are potentially very powerful as a result. I like to think of these cyphers as being in a different class, similar to Extreme Cyphers (from the glimmer of the same name). I look at both these shift-based cyphers and the extreme cyphers as being capital "D" Divine. In setting these are much more powerful, but also much more rare, and far more sought after for power.

These are the kinds of cyphers than can turn almost any situation in one favor, or render any challenge moot. These are the kinds of cyphers that a plot point can revolve around. Since these aren't included in the CSR's random cypher tables it makes it the responsibility of the GM to include these in the game. I plan to use them for plot points (as I did in Festival of the Fallen Gods) and as rewards for major divine enemies like Ravers, other gods, and the like.

Sprinkled occasionally through the game I hope that cyphers of such power will help to emphasize the grande scope of the divine narrative, and empower the characters to perform amazing deeds.

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