Monday, November 14, 2016

Story Seed - The Blood of the Earth

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"There it is," Woachid spoke reverently, "the Blood of the Earth. A liquefied mana wellspring; the only one of it's kind." I could tell from his voice that for him this was transcendent moment.

I said nothing, instead allowing my senses to reach out, to feel the pure magical power that flowed out of the small butte. Even a hundred paces off the power was palpable. It was like being at a major ley line nexus during a celestial event. There was a greater fundamental energy however; a degree of proximity that was difficult to otherwise explain. I marveled at this power and wondered how it came to be that such a natural resource had apparently never come to be exploited.

"There is a fundamental ... flaw, to this power however," Woachid said as though my question had been spoken aloud. "The potency of the Blood is too great to use. The effort involved to dilute it so that it can be used is more than enough to prevent any serious exploitation."

I scowled, irritated now at an apparent waste of time and effort. This had been a wild goose chase. "Then why did you bring me here? What value is there in learning of this place master?" I held my tongue despite my irritation, and even managed the honorific, though I was certain my tone would earn me a rebuke.

"Because you are young and you need to know that this exists. And because you need to understand that the Blood can be used in cases of dire need," he said emphasizing the possibility. I waited for an explanation, and none immediately came. The silence stretched and I opened my mouth to ask. "Drink the Blood, and near limitless power is yours, but it will burn your soul and destroy your ability to use magic thereafter." My master turned to me and looked deep into my eyes as though searching my very soul. "That is assuming you live from the experience at all. The price of power is not paid lightly my student."

I swallowed, understanding now why this place was untouched and pristine. Those who would abuse such power were too selfish to risk the price, and those who would protect it were more than selfess enough to ensure it remained unspoilt.

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