Monday, June 12, 2017

Furry Road - The Feral

Image Source: Palladium's After The Bomb, 2nd Edition

Design Notes: Originally I was looking at Aggressive or Rugged as descriptors here, as I wanted this character to feel like a character who grew up outside of civilization. Thankfully Predation recently came out and features a new descriptor, perfect for my needs: Savage. As a mutant cat the focus Moves Like a Cat seemed a natural fit to catch many of the aspects of the character I wanted to see. Claws is as easy as the T1 warrior ability, Needs No Weapon. In this end this was a pretty easy build. Could I do it without the MLaC focus? Sure, I'd apply pretty much the same skills and pools, and the only thing I'd be missing was the Safe Fall ability. 

Zhan the Cat is a Savage Warrior who Moves Like a Cat

Tier 3 • Effort 3
Might 18 • Edge 2
Speed 19 • Edge 3
Intellect 10 • Edge 0

Cypher Limit: 2

Armor: 0 (none)

  • Inability
    • all pleasant social interactions
  • Trained
    • all tasks involving intimidation and scare tactics
    • smashing and breaking things
    • balancing
    • Unarmed Attacks
    • Survival
    • initiative
    • perception
  • Specialized
    • climbing
    • jumping
    • Speed defense
  • Safe Fall
  • Practiced With All Weapons
  • No Need for Weapons
  • Trained Without Armor
  • Swipe
  • Mighty Blow
  • Fury
  • Lunge
Equipment: Appropriate clothing, plus one expensive item, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items.

  • knife (light weapon)
  • crude pipe club (medium weapon)
Initial Link to the Adventure: You told everyone you were going to join, and no one said no to you, so here you are.

  • Jim the Raccoon saved your life and you now feel you owe him a debt that cannot be repaid.
  • You love to tease and play practical jokes on Max the Dog but you also respect his ability to drive with such precision and grace

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