Friday, June 16, 2017

Gods of the Fall - Another Approach to Cyphers Redux

Previously, I brought up an idea to make Cyphers a feature of a PCs divine power. After receiving Predation recently (digital and then my backer's copy) I was reading and found that that game uses similar tactic with Cyphers being encoded into people's DNA via the temporal disturbances that cause them. Now I wonder if my idea was my own or something I subconsciously remembered from my playtest of Predation last year. Either way I still think there's merits to this idea for Gods of the Fall.

Going further (farther?) and taking a cue from the mode of cypher distribution via time anomaly a GM could give new cyphers out via fonts of divine power, wellsprings of magic, and slain foes in the form of spiritual energy (and possibly divine energy). This isn't too far from the current norm in which cyphers are divine energy that often is formless glowing orbs or crystals. Only the oldest of cyphers have become manifest in the form of common objects.

There's a single downside to adopting this method into the game, at least from my standpoint, and that's that it prevents any non-divine beings from using cyphers against the PCs. Frankly, it's not often I do so, but that's my prerogative and I'm loathe to throw something out of the toolbox that I may want later. And while I don't use it often I have used it, and so it's not something I want to retcon. Perhaps in future campaigns I'll make the change. Perhaps not. Either way it's an idea worth putting a little cognition on.

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