Monday, June 26, 2017

Furry Road - The Scavenger

Author's notes: Once more we have an instance of a character that doesn't need much heavy lifting to align their species to the final character. Raccoons are mostly known for being nocturnal scavengers who are rather curious. I decided to buy Specialization in Perception to make up for the lack of a night-vision power, but it also doubles as keen smell and hearing. Certain mentions associate them with a habit of procuring shinies in the same way magpies do. As such Gluttonous Explorer who Scavenges seems a good fit here ...
I should note that Gluttonous is found in Gods of the Fall (p. 126), and Scavenges is found in Expanded Worlds (p. 55).

Jim the Trash Panda (Raccoon) is a Gluttonous Explorer who Scavenges

Tier 3 • Effort 3
Might 16 • Edge 2
Speed 15 • Edge 1
Intellect 14 • Edge 1

Cypher Limit: 3

Armor: 2 (scavenged riot gear)

  • Trained
    • persuasion
    • tasks related to the exchange of money, including haggling
    • tasks directly related to theft
    • resisting the effects of poison
    • scavenging
    • Craft: armorer
    • Craft: metalsmith
  • Specialized
    • Perception
    • stealth 
    • eating and keeping down copious amounts of food and drink
  • Practiced with Light & Medium Weapons
  • Practiced in Armor
  • Endurance
  • Muscles of Iron (2 Might points)
  • Extra Edge
  • Eye for Detail (2 Intellect points)
  • Serv-o
    • Serv-o Defender
    • Serv-o Repair
  • Tool Mastery
  • Think Your Way Out
  • Junkmonger (2 Intellect points).
  • Survivor’s Advantage. 
Equipment: Clothing, large backpack, lead-lined tent, duct tape, bottle, flashlight, a bag of light tools, the tools needed to make your crafts and an ammo box full of 100 assorted rounds.

  • Bolt-Action Rifle (medium weapon, long range)
  • crowbar (medium, also an useful tool)

Initial Link to the Adventure: Your greed can be sated only by taking on dangerous tasks in return for great rewards.

  • You saved Zhan the Cat's life and you now she feels she owes you a debt.
  • Nux the Horse is especially taken with your junk-scavenged crafts, and when they use an item in a way that requires a roll, they add +1 to the result. 

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