Monday, July 10, 2017

Furry Road - The Triggerman

Design Notes: I'd considered making this a character a bow user early on, but then changed my mind as I realized that the technological capacity of the After the Bomb universe was more than enough for bullets to not be a rare and prized commodity. Carries a Quiver becomes Carries a Rifle and otherwise remains mostly intact. Horses primary have the traits of speed and/or strength. Swift and/or Strong seemed good descriptor options, but I obviously could only use one. Further, I really didn't need excessive strength or Might because the character prefers firearms and so Strong was out. In the end I also decided to forego Swift as well and rely on training and Edge to represent the horse's inborn speed. This allowed me to focus on adding an interesting personality to the group by way of another quirky descriptor. Enter the "Vengeful" descriptor and a character who has some personal stake in the mission at hand... 

Nux the Horse is a Vengeful Warrior who Carries a Rifle

Tier 3 • Effort 3
Might 16 • Edge 1
Speed 18 • Edge 3
Intellect 8 • Edge 0

Cypher Limit: 2

Armor: none

  • Trained
    • Attack: Rifles
    • intimidation
    • torture
    • tracking
    • Craft: Rifles
    • Jumping
    • Lore: Road Hogs
  • Specialized
    • Craft: Bullets
    • Running
    • Speed Defense
  • Archer
  • Covering Fire/Double-tap (1 Speed point)
  • Overwatch (1 Intellect point)
  • Pierce (1 Speed point)
  • Successive Attack (2 Speed points)
  • Deadly Aim (3 Speed points)
  • Spray (2 Speed points)
  • Trick Shot (2 Speed points)
  • AK47 Rifle (Medium weapon, long range, rapid fire)
    • 2x magazines of 30 rounds
  • .308 Rifle (heavy weapon, long range, bolt action)
    • Nightvision scope
  • .45 Pistol (medium weapon, medium range)
Equipment: Clothing, light tools, functional GPS map, 2x rations, flashlight, duct tape.

Initial Link to the Adventure: Your gang was wiped out by the Road Hogs and you want revenge, plain and simple. 

  • You are especially taken with Jim the Raccoon's junk-scavenged crafts, and when you use an item in a way that requires a roll, add +1 to the result. 
  • You think that Jessie the Rabbit talks too much and wonder if she really understands the threat of the Road Hogs.

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