Monday, March 2, 2015

Story Seed - Edge of Reality

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Kathryn stood on the outcropping gulping air. The atmosphere seemed thin here, like it would at some great elevation. It was warm here though, not the cold of a high mountaintop, but the warmth of a summer afternoon.  Her skin felt prickly, and no matter how she settled the pack on her shoulders it felt lighter than it ought. Ever her body seemed less substantial somehow.

Ahead and above there was a chaos of storm, fire, and stone roiling in the air like some kind of grand maelstrom from before time itself. Beyond the storm she could see glimpses of something else. It looked like the bright green of fields and the dark green of forests, the light color of whitewashed stone, and the clay red of tile roofs. It was like peering down on the world from above.

Truly what the visitors had said must be true, this world was not all of what existed. Here at the edge of reality she could see the riotous and ragged end of her world, and beyond that another place entirely; another world that seemed no farther than the horizon, and yet immeasurably distant. They had called her home a recursion, and though she still did not know that word's meaning she understood what they had meant.

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