Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Story Seed - Hidden Power

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It called to us both. In different ways certainly, but it affected us equally. There was a draw, a sense of fulfillment, as we made our way through the Forest of Spires seeking it out based on some seventh sense. Pallik had it easier I think; I'm sure he would disagree, but he wasn't being pulled along by his tail, literally. For him it was a sense in his gut, something instinctive, that just kept growing stronger as we got closer.

For me, my tail seemed drawn to it like a piece of lodestone to a knife. It was annoying to say the least, but it was a lot more accurate than Pallik's gut feeling; he could barely describe it, let alone follow it reliably. So we followed my tail, which at least helped it not hurt too bad, it didn't tug if we kept moving.  Granted, stopping to rest and eat and sleep was less than pleasant but we could hardly walk without.

I wondered if the Forest of Spires was dangerous, none from our home had ever travel this far west, but it didn't matter, we hardly saw sign of beast or bird. Gathering nuts and fruits was easy enough, and we subsisted on the literal fruits of the forest as we traveled. In hindsight I think that they were changing us, preparing us for whatever was to come; whatever we would find.

It was weeks before we finally found it. I still don't really know what it was. Is? I don't know, I don't think we consumed it, but we consumed what had been left for us. A ring of standing stones protected by a shallow cave, and within that glowing mists that crackled with energy like lightning. We're certain it was but a single font of some greater source.

We were changed but it. Linked. Connected. Merged. We are one now. I can feel him within me and I within him. Our physical forms combined, were refined, changed, into something more suitable to channel the power. We were given form and purpose. To protect this place, to ensure that the Spires did not fall to the enemy. Their purpose is yet to come. Our purpose is to ensure they meet their own.

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