Friday, March 20, 2015

Story Seed - The Godking of Spacetime

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"You feel that?" Marrod asked.

"Feel what?"

"Feels bouncy."

Worrad rolled his eyes, "Bouncy?"

"Yeah, bouncy, like ... I dunno, like the gravity is off." Marrod took a little hop, and landed softly. "See!"

"You're cra- ...zy?" Worrad pointed ahead. Through the narrow ravine they could make out a vast wide valley nestled between the rocky spires. At the far end there was a glimpse of a great white arch, and within it a truly massive statue, easily a hundred feet tall.

"Wow," Marrod said, as he continued forward.  "Worrad! Come look! They're floating!"

Worrad stumbled forward and peered over his brother's shoulder. Sure enough within the valley massive cut blocks of stone floating as though immune to natural forces. With a clearer view he also say that a second partial arch floated in pieces above the first. The entire thing had the air of a half finished project, or a kind of strange study in negative space.

Marrod pulled his brother forward and soon they came to the end of the ravine and stepped out into the valley proper. The could now see the network of sunken trenches that cut through and under the earth. It appeared like a bizarre cross between quarry and holy site.

"You feel that?" Marrod asked again.

"The only thing I feel is nauseous. Something's not right here."

"Yeah, that's what I meant." Marrod took another step forward, and swallowed hard against the feeling of being sick. The archway and its statue seemed very close suddenly. Looking down caused Marrod to reel, his feet looks tiny, like he was far away from them, as though stretched. He turned to speak to his brother and found him far away, a small speck standing near the ravine still.

Worrad bent over, hands on knees, and deliberately breathed in and out trying to calm his tumultuous stomach. He heard a distant voice and looked up to see his brother hundreds of feet away. He shook his head, not sure how long he'd been standing there, and took a step forward.

Marrod gulped as he saw his brother come closer, suddenly looming, towering, over him like a giant. Without thinking about it he stepped back, afraid of being crushed, and found himself seemingly at the foot of the arch. He spun around and found the statue under the arch seemed to be missing. On a hunch he looked up to see that it now towered far above the arch, thousands of feet into the sky. Once more he stumbled backwards in surprise.

Worrad was about to reach for his brother, when he stepped away, disappearing from sight. The nausea was overwhelming now and Worrad couldn't bear to move again; something was twisting their perceptions, and making them feel this way. He looked around, trying to find Marrod, when he felt somebody bump into him from behind. Turning it was his brother, appearing no different than normal.

"Brother, I think we should leave this place," Marrod whispered.

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