Monday, March 16, 2015

Story Seed - The Oracle

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He drifted through time. Viewing events real and imagined through dead eyes. Real time feeds of information mixed with his memories, forming a tangled jumble interweaving fact with possibility, the past with the present with the future. Yet somehow when he spoke truth tumbled out amid the flow of words. Truth about the present, the past, and futures yet to come. For those who gathered to listen and record his words he spoke prophecy and revealed mysteries.

The oracle was no longer entirely human. Years of inhaling the hallucinogenic vapors had consumed organs, destroyed bone, and wasted muscle and skin. Implants replaced his lungs, his jaw and throat. Arms and legs were replaced with clumsy steel. Blind now from the vision his eyes were white orbs, vestigial to his role as oracle. Like others before he was confined to a chamber of constant exposure to mind altering substances.

The oracle himself was mad beyond reckoning.Stimulators placed into his cortex ensured that he did not become entirely lost, that he would speak when the people outside (were they his captors? his followers? or were they his family? he could not remember) required his voice and his insights. They applied electricity to his brain, they force coherence where none would be otherwise, and through that the enforced compliance, or provided it. Who could know for certain?

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