Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Story Seed - Off to See the Wizard

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"That's the wizard's tower?" Habiel asked incredulously. He was staring down at the landscape below, but the verdant fields, irregular canyons, and the small farms, they all failed to register in his eye. Instead the young man goggled at the thick finger of stone that rose from the edge of a deep canyon.

It seemed impossibly balanced on a base no larger than a farmhouse, yet the spire quickly broadened to nearly five times that before rising hundreds of feet into the sky. Behind it, like a cape, its shadow undulated across a cow pasture. Most importantly for Habiel though was the cobbled together group of structures hewn from the rock at the very top; the home of the wizard Kholil.

"Yup!" Shara replied, a tinge of smug satisfaction mixing with her natural exuberance. She looked at Habiel in profile, and wondered if he was really going to do it. With a tiny shrug she voiced her question, "You're really going to try and apprentice to Kholil?"  He nodded, but said nothing, eyes still locked on the upraised prominence of stone. "There's no stairs, no ladders, no way up without magic, you know." Again he nodded. Shara sighed, "Well, I guess we'll have to climb it then."

Habiel turned to her suddenly, "We?"

"Of course silly, I didn't save your life and claim you as my betrothed just to let you kill yourself climbing some silly old wizard's tower." She smiled at him, and Habiel wondered once more how his fate had become entwined to such an amazing woman.

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