Monday, July 31, 2017

Furry Road - The Driver

Notes: Drives Like a Maniac is from Expanded Worlds. Max is actually the first pre-gen I created for this, but I held him back because I needed to design the car. Also it was convenient to have a finished character in my back pocket in case I was pressed for time. Anyways, Max is a patrol trooper, so Virtuous seemed like a nice fit, especially when combined with the other assorted characters. Drives Like a Maniac was basically a pre-req for this game. The character is one of the most well rounded of the pre-gens as well thanks in part of a hefty dose of skills from descriptor and focus in addition to those gained from type. As for the Armored Patrol Cruiser, that's designed using the rules I created for CypherCaster Magazine #6. These expand on the vehicle rules from the CSR for games where the vehicle is more center stage than in other games.  I made some terminology modifications because those rules were written for spacecraft, but they apply equally well for road vehicles... for instance the "Truck" type is the same as the "Light Freighter" type.

Max the Dog is a Virtuous Explorer who Drives Like a Maniac

Tier 3 • Effort 3
Might 17 • Edge 1
Speed 15 • Edge 2
Intellect 12 • Edge 1

Cypher Limit: 2

Armor: 2 • Bullet proof vest (medium)

  • Trained
    • Running
    • Speed Defense
    • Medium Ranged Attacks
    • Knowledge: Road Gangs
    • discerning people’s true motives or seeing through lies
  • Specialized
    • Intellect Defense
    • driving cars, trucks, & motorcycles
    • Navigation
    • Vehicular repair 
  • Practiced in Armor
  • Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons
  • Danger Sense (1 Speed point)
  • Quick Recovery
  • Stand Watch (2 Intellect points)
  • Machine Efficiency (3 Intellect points)
  • Seize Opportunity (4 Speed points)
  • Ignore the Pain
  • Driving on the Edge
  • Car Surfer
Equipment: Calivada Road Patrol fatigues, a trunk tool kit (heavy tools), roll of duct tape, flashlight, 1x MRE. Armored patrol cruiser. (see below).

  • Sawn-off shotgun • special ranged weapon 
    • 6 damage at immediate range
    • 4 damage to Short range
    • attacks as a light weapon at long range (2 damage)
  • 9mm pistol • medium ranged weapon
  • Knife • light melee weapon 
  • Molotov cocktail • thrown weapon • short range • 2 damage plus fire
Armored patrol cruiser - "Sheila" is a Hardy Truck Defends the Weak

  • Frame: 18 • Edge 1
  • Engine: 12 • Edge -1
  • Alternator: 8 • Edge 0
  • Armor: 2
  • Hardpoints:
    • Medium Weapon turret (4 damage, long range) 
    • Extra Heavy Frame
    • Light Armor 
    • Full Throttle (As Fleet of Foot, CSR pg 40)
    • Optimized for Armor

  • Cargo: None - personal items only
  • Crew: 2 (Driver & Navigator/Gunner) + turret gunner
  • Weapons: Forward mounted SMG (light ranged weapon, long range)
  • Easy to Repair: Recovery takes 1/2 time
  • Keep Rolling: Ignore one damage level
  • Brick: Trained in Hull Defense
  • EMP Shielded: trained in Alternator Defense

Initial Link: It's your job as a sworn officer of the Calivada Road Patrol to protect the roads, and the Road Hogs are the biggest threat to safety in the entirety of the coastal region.

  • You've worked with Cornelius the Chimpanzee before. On a previous mission you accidentally crashed your vehicle when Cornelius was a passenger. Though you both recovered you still feel guilty about the incident.
  • Anthony the Mouse is one of the few people you trust to work on your car.

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