Monday, September 12, 2016

Story Seed - Coming Together

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The raver lay dead at Membel's feet. Already the residual divine essence that fueled the thing was burning away, scorching the godflesh to ruin. Membel leaned heavily on the spear thrust into the ground next to himl it had been a hard fought battle and the ad hoc group had made many mistakes because they did not fight as a unified whole.

He looked to the side at the heavily armored form of Larr, his great weapon still slick with blood. The other man stared into the divine flames that consumed the raver's form. There were motes that steadily shone, crystallized essence that any of the fledgling gods could recognize as cyphers. There were enough there to replace all those used in the battle.

Membel craned his head in the opposite direction. Perlyenal and Iaen were talking quietly to themselves. Membel considered their small group. They all wanted the same goals, to overthrow the dragon Nulumriel, to restore Elanehtar, to send Nod back to the Aether. They had come together to destroy this raver that none of them along could have vanquished.

Membel looked to Larr again, "What's next for you, Larr?"

The big man looked up from the conflagration, "I don't know. I'll find the next labor. Destroy the next evil." The warrior looked at Membel, "You could join me if you like."

Membel nodded, "I was thinking that very same, and Perlyenal and Iaen as well. We four, we are stronger together than on our own. We do not hold dominion over conflicting ideals. We work well enough together, though with time even that will improve." Membel has raised his voice, ensuring that Perlyenal and Iaen would hear. "I think that the gods of old did not operate alone and nor should we. If we pledge our strength to each other ..." Membel shrugged, waiting for another to say it.

Iaen nodded, "A pantheon then? bonded in divine power and common goal? There is wisdom in this, and I would know."

Perlyenal nodded, "Agreed." Larr silently nodded as well.

"So then, how shall we seal this agreement?" Membel added holding up his wine-skin.