Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Alphabet of Outer Beings - K is for Knowledge

K is for Knowledge

Deities and patrons are immensely powerful beings, but they often have more than raw power to use to influence events to their liking and as trade for favors. This kind of knowledge can come from many sources and is often received in trade for other secrets. Some creatures even make the collection of secret knowledge their purpose, gathering it for safekeeping or for their own power.

Table K1: Things Known About ... (roll 1d4)

  1. Objects (proceed to table K5)
  2. Locations (proceed to table K4)
  3. Beings (proceed to table K2)
  4. Other (proceed to table K6)
Table K2: Things known about a being ... (roll 1d6, then roll on table K3)
  1. The true name of a...
  2. The location of the secret sanctum of a...
  3. The true weakness of a...
  4. The source of power for a...
  5. The location of a book of knowledge about a...
  6. The secret true identity of a...
Table K3: 1d8 Beings
  1. Deity
  2. Demon
  3. Wizard
  4. Lich
  5. Dragon
  6. Warlord
  7. Immortal
  8. Fey/Faerie
Table K4: Things known about a location... (roll 1d6)
  1. The location of hidden vault of a treasure. 
  2. The secret passcode to enter the library of the knowledge spirits.
  3. The location of portal between the mortal plain and the underworld.
  4. The true purpose of an ancient obelisk.
  5. The source of power within the fountain of youth.
  6. The purpose of the world.
Table K5: Things Known about an object... (roll 1d6)
  1. The location of the phylactery of a powerful lich.
  2. The identity of the soul contained within a powerful artifact.
  3. The identity of the next wielder of the sovereign sword.
  4. The contents of the Vault of Ages
  5. The reason why the Rod of Power was broken into pieces and hidden throughout the world. 
  6. The actual purpose of an artifact currently being used for completely different reasons.
Table K6: Other Knowledge... (roll 1d6)
  1. A long forgotten form of magic
  2. The truth behind the creation of the mortal races
  3. The techniques to alter fate.
  4. Detailed knowledge of the future.
  5. The secrets to immortality. 
  6. The being who holds the knowledge of (roll again from the beginning).