Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Alphabet of Outer Beings - O is for Oracle

O is for Oracle

Oracles are people who provide counsel and often prophetic predictions of the future, via precognition inspired by their god. The methods of their divination vary, and some made require study and readings while other may be struck by visions. Oracles tend to be either well treated for the prophetic powers or shunned for the ill news and perceived bad omens they foretell.

Table O1: Oracular Methods (roll 1d6)
Oracles have various means of divining the future, some are studies in the ways of making readings while others are given the gift of prophetic visions. There is an even chance of a Oracle being a skilled reader or a gifted visionary. Roll a d6, if the result is even roll on Table O1a: Readings, if the result is odd roll on Table O1b: Visions.
  • Evens: Readings (roll 1d8)
    1. Ossomancy, the reading of bones
    2. Cubomancy, the reading of dice
    3. Hieromancy, the reading of entrails
    4. Tasseography, the reading of tea leaves
    5. Spodomancy, the reading of ashes
    6. Astology, the reading the stars
    7. Tarotmancy, the reading of tarot cards
    8. Chiromancy, the reading of palms
  • Odds: Visions (roll 1d6)
    1. The visions come at random, about a random subject.
    2. The visions come when touching the intended subject
    3. The visions come only when exposed to a holy substance
    4. The visions come during sexual climax brought about by the subject
    5. The visions come during epileptic seizures 
    6. The visions are brought about by ritualized fasting and prayer

Table O2: Oracle Status (roll 1d6) 
The oracle may be a respect member of the community or a shunned outcast whose prophecy is cursed.
  1. The oracle is an outcast who is shunned by all who know better.
  2. The oracle is the leader of a local temple or sacred site 
  3. The oracle is a respected "wise person" in their town or village
  4. The oracle is feared but respected, they wander the country but receive hospitality from those they encounter
  5. The oracle lives in a remote location and only by making a perilous journey can they be reached by those worthy of glimpsing their fate
  6. The oracle is kept by a powerful individual such as a king, high priest, warlord, or wizard. Their status will depend on if they serve willingly (50%), and the status of their keeper

Table O3: Prophetic Details (roll 2d4)
The gift of prophecy is a difficult one to bear, especially depending on how often the prophecy comes true and how easy it is to understand.
  1. IGNORE ME!!!!!!
  2. The prophecies are cryptic and couched in double meaning but 100% accurate and always come to pass
  3. The prophecies are cryptic and difficult to interpret, but are often accurate (70%), and often come to pass (70%)
  4. The prophecies are difficult to fully grasp (50%), and occasionally inaccurate (50%), and only come to pass half the time (50%)
  5. The prophecies seem easy to understand but are often misunderstood (20% chance of a false interpretation), and are often wrong (70%), or fail to come to pass (70%)
  6. The prophesies are somewhat easy to interpret (60%), but occasionally inaccurate (50%), and only come to pass half the time (50%)
  7. The prophecies are clear and easy to understand, and mostly accurate (80%) and often comes true (80%)
  8. The prophecies are clear and chillingly easy to understand, they are also 100% accurate and come to pass no matter how much one tries to prevent them