Wednesday, April 10, 2019

MCC - Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Area 1-5)

Area 1-5 The Den/Restrooms

Once on the other side of the debris barrier the PCs should notice a pair of doorways on the left side of the room. The closer of the two leads to the restrooms, now used as the den for the mole men. All is quiet within except on a truly exceptional roll or with a mutant power which may detect the 2-3 mole men sleeping within:

Through the opening you can see into a dimly lit room. The air within is a stinking miasma of body odor and fecal matter, apparently the mole men are not big on hygiene. You can dimly make out the shapes of several sleeping pallets of hides and furs at least 2 of which are occupied. Along on wall you can see a waist high shelf and the room double back into a section of metal walls. 

Stealthy PCs may be able to ambush and/or coup de gras the mole men within. Allow the PCs to roll d24s for initiative and/or the first round attacks if they maintain stealth. The first 2 mole men in the room have 20 & 17 hit points, roll 3d10 for any additional mole men you may need.

If the combat takes more than 3 rounds, or spills out into the main room (Area 1-2) the mole men from area 1-4 will ambush the PCs if they have not already been dealt with.

Mole Men:
Init: +2; Atk +1 Spear (1d7) or +1 Bow (1d6); Act: 1d20; AC: 13 (hides); HD: 3d10 (15); Mv: 20; SP Immune to Radiation; Sv. F +3, R +1, W +2
Once the mole men are defeated the players will likely search the room. The metal walled area are the old bathroom stalls which no longer have active plumbing but the mole men still use for their business and are disgusting but otherwise unoccupied. The half wall is a row of sinks and one of them has a medishot (pg 178). The room is otherwise devoid of useful loot.

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