Monday, July 19, 2021

It's been a year

 2020 right?

What a mess. It was July 1st last year when I last posted. Because I thought, "Gee I'm stuck at home with lots of time, I'll get back to blogging!"

Instead my mental health had a banner year. Not a good banner. 

I'm better though, now.

Well... I'm "better" now. Stable. Medicated. 

I still have my moments. I still think I'm a sucky writer and a crappy GM despite all evidence to the contrary. 

I want to get back to writing though. I just don't know what, and I have trouble motivating myself to do so. It's hard. 

Why am I writing this? Why should you care? Because I think we need to disable the stigmas around mental health. Because I think there are people out there who feel similarly. Because I finally realized it wasn't my fault and I didn't have to beat myself up about it, and neither do you. 

Am I coming back to regular blogging? I don't know. Maybe.

Don't worry about that though. I'd rather you be honest with yourself if you need help. I wasn't until I finally was, and I wish I had been sooner.