Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Alphabet of Outer Beings - B is for Boons

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B is for Boons

Deities provide many boons for their followers in the form of blessings, spells, and other divine gifts. Patrons often reward their followers with knowledge and understanding. Occasionally a patron may make a more direct hand in the affairs of their mortal followers however and provide direct assistance. These boons may come at after a great deed or labor is performed or be bestowed prior to the vassal embarking upon a notable quest for their patron. The boon lasts until such time as the patron deems the vassal no longer worthy, or as noted.

Table B1: Supernatural Boons (roll 1d20)
  1. Blessing of the Dragon's Blood (gain +1 AC)
  2. Gift of Hermes (gain +30' movement per round)
  3. Favor of Charon (may automatically succeed at a "roll the body" check one time)
  4. Gift of Zeus (increase all lightning damage dice +1d)
  5. Blessing of Horus (gain a +1 to Will saves)
  6. Gift of Aphrodite (gain +1 Personality)
  7. Blessing of Fortune (gain +1 Luck)
  8. Gift of Athena (gain +1 to Intelligence) 
  9. Blessing of the Crone (gain +1 to spell checks)
  10. Gift of Hades (increase all cold damage dice +1d)
  11. Blessing of Cthulhu (gain a cumulative 1% chance to spontaneously resurrect from death for every 100 years dead)
  12. Gift of Mars (gain +1 to attack rolls)
  13. Blessing of Osiris (gain +1 to Fortitude saves)
  14. Gift of Hephaestus (increase all fire damage dice +1d)
  15. Blessing of Achilles (gain +1 to Reflex saves)
  16. Gift of Poseidon (may breathe under water for 1 turn per level per day) 
  17. Blessing of Merlin (immune to surprise attacks) 
  18. Gift of Artemis (gain +1d on ranged attack rolls) 
  19. Twist the Strands of Fate (once per day re-roll a die roll)
  20. Gift of Aesculapius (gain a +1 to all HP recovery rolls)