Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Alphabet of Outer Beings - I is for Idol

I is for Idols

The golden calf, the golden idol of the Hovitos, the statue of Zeus at Olympia. Idols are depictions of a god and worshipped as that god, or a conduit to them. Though any such image may qualify as an idol we are focusing on idols in the form of sculpture or worked materials that represent the Outer Being in three dimensions. These may be as simple as a small wooden carving, or as grandiose as a massive statue in gold and gems.

Table I1: Idols Primary Materials (roll 1d20 then continue to Table I2)
  1. Obsidian/Volcanic Glass
  2. Marble
  3. Granite
  4. Sandstone
  5. Wrought Iron
  6. Silver
  7. Gold
  8. Bronze
  9. Copper
  10. Brass
  11. Jade
  12. Finely polished wood 
  13. Painted wood
  14. Animal Materials (Bones, skins, feathers, etc)
  15. Human(oid) Bones 
  16. Textiles
  17. Roughly carved wood, or bound branches
  18. Wax
  19. Artificial Materials (plastics, resins, etc.)
  20. Mixed (Roll again twice and combine the results)
Table I2: Idol Details (roll 1d20 then continue to Table I3)
  1. The idol is encrusted with precious gems.
  2. The idol is aged and weathered.
  3. The idol is covered in dried blood.
  4. The idol is holding a candle or torch. 
  5. The idol is depicted with an enlarged body part appropriate to the Outer Being's dominions. 
  6. The idol is partially encrusted with gems, but noticeably some are missing (roll on Table I2a to determine type of gem).
  7. The idol is holding a weapon of some kind. 50% chance the weapon is removable and usable. 
  8. The idol is tarnished, cracked, eroded, or otherwise showing age and lack of care. 
  9. The idol has been painted, hiding the materials of its construction (roll on Table I2b for color).
  10. The idol's eyes are a large pair of gems (roll on Table I2a to determine type of gem).
  11. The idol is covered in an intricate pattern that mesmerizes the beholder.
  12. The idol's eyes are painted and seem to follow you. 
  13. The idol is extremely angular, with edges sharp enough to cause minor cuts if not careful.
  14. The idol is covered in fresh blood.
  15. The idol is highly polished and well cared for. 
  16. The idol is holds a single large gemstone (roll on Table I2a to determine type of gem).
  17. The idol is in pieces either smashed or disassembled.
  18. The idol is clearly missing something of note (a body part, a weapon, a held item, etc).
  19. The idol is strangely heavy (1-50%) or light (51-100%) for its size. 
  20. Mixed (Roll again twice and combine the results)
Table I2a: Gemstone Type (roll 1d6)
  1. Diamonds
  2. Emeralds
  3. Rubies
  4. Onyx
  5. Sapphires
  6. Amethyst
Table I2b: Paint Color (roll 1d8)
  1. Black
  2. Sickly green
  3. Bright red
  4. Yellow
  5. Royal purple
  6. White
  7. The idol has been lacquered with a semi-transparent varnish. Roll 1d6 on this table to determine the color of the lacquer.
  8. The idol is painted accurately to portray the Outer Being.
Table I3: Idol Size (roll 1d6 then continue to Table I4)
  1. Tiny, 2d4 inches tall. Easily fits in one hand.
  2. Small, 1d10+6 inches tall. Can likely be carried in one hand. 
  3. Large, 1d4 feet tall. Requires two hands to carry.
  4. Very Large, 3d4 feet tall. 
  5. Huge, 1d10+10 feet tall
  6. Enormous, the idol towers 2d4x10 feet tall!
Table I4: Idol Surroundings (roll 1d20)
  1. The idol rests atop a strange altar.
  2. The idol sits upon a small plinth of rune carved stone. 
  3. The idol is fitted into part of a complex stela.
  4. The idol lays upon the floor at the foot of a smashed altar.
  5. The idol rests inside the emptied chest cavity of a recently slain human(oid).
  6. The idol sits on a shelf surrounded by ritual paraphernalia. 
  7. The idol is encased within a glowing field of magic.
  8. The idol rests in the center of a shallow pool of filthy water.
  9. The idol is surrounded by burning incense and flickering candles.
  10. The idol is covered by a black silk cloth.
  11. The idol is held in the hands of a long dead and well preserved priest.
  12. The idol rests in the center of an eternal flame but is not consumed.
  13. The idol sits discarded and forgotten in the corner of the room. 
  14. The idol is covered in cobwebs and dust in a room long abandoned.
  15. The idol draws all light toward is, seeming to glow within the dim gloom it causes.
  16. The idol is at the center of an active service to the Outer Being it resembles.
  17. The idol floats without any visible means of levitation.
  18. The idol is wrapped in chains of cold iron. 
  19. The idol rests in a shallow pool of fresh water supplied from a small waterfall.
  20. Mixed (Roll again twice and combine the results)