Wednesday, May 9, 2018

MCC Recap - The Purple Pit of the Mole Men

A couple weeks ago, with a truncated crew I ran a somewhat off the cuff funnel for MCC with the players who were available. This was a modified and adapted version of Harley Stroh's The Sinister Secret of Whiterock. 
  • Craig McCullough as
    • Fred - Pure Strain Human
    • Ted - Pure Strain Human
    • Ed - Pure Strain Human
    • Jason - Pure Strain Human
  • Alex Perucchini as
    • Zooma - Mutant
    • Theo - Pure Strain Human
    • Bile - Vulture Manimal
    • Ophelia - Pure Strain Human
  • Andrew Lyon as
    • George - Chimpanzee Manimal
    • Phil - Pure Strain Human
    • Roger - Mutant
    • Betsy - Pure Strain Human
  • William Keller as
    • Tully - Mutant
    • Daisy - Mutant
    • 17 - Pure Strain Human
    • Guh - Pure Strain Human

Sent out to explore the jungles to the south of the village the PC group of mixed hunters and gatherers traveled for several days before reaching the boundary of the jungle and the foothills that rose into the Great Mountains to the south. After many days of travel the group was camped for the evening when poor unlucky Ed (I think it was Ed) was standing watch. He never saw his end coming. When morning came the group found Ed missing and apart from a trail into the wild and a foot no other sign of Ed was found.

Following the trail the group came to a strange wall of ancient made stone where the trail abruptly ended. Searching around they found a large metal hatch that revealed a hole into a dark cave. Part of the group descended into the cave where they were set upon by screamers. The radioactive fungus driven skeletons attacked as mercilessly as they attacked mindlessly and a hard fought battle ensued during which George and 17 were killed.

Once the screamers were killed the group explored the room, which was no cave but some kind of structure from long ago. They found a skull with a strange mechanical eye, but none were willing to attempt the operation to replace their own with it. Searching for a way out they located a secret door and were ambushed by a pair of mole-men. Though the mole men were well armored and well armed the group outnumbered them and quickly dispatched their foes and looted a wicked metal blade, some well made javelins, and two pieces of metal cloth armor too small for any in their party to wear.

Proceeding down on exit from this chamber the group located a broken bridge across a deep chasm. Far below there was the sound of rushing water and a strange purple glow. After much discussion they found a way to lower a large chain down into the chasm and one by one they attempted the treacherous climb. Most of them by luck or skill, made it to a ledge far below, but Daisy and Fred slipped and plummeted to their doom.

Faced with the choice to enter a large chamber full of refuse or climb a rope to the underground lake and investigate the source of the glow the party chose the latter and made their way to the shallows of the lake. Assaulting the beach they were attacked by another pair of armed mole men and a female of their species wearing a strange purple crown and weilding a death ray of the ancient ones! This death ray fired heat beams so intense that Guh exploded when hit by one, the juices in his body flashing to steam!

Luck and numbers, and the aid of one of the dead (who hand landed on and killed one of the mole men when they fell from the chain) allowed the group to achieve victory. They looted the dead and what treasure remained before making a hasty escape as the very chamber seemed to be collapsing as a result of the death of the mole men's queen...

In Memoriam: 
  • Daisy
  • 17
  • Guh
  • Fred
  • Ed
  • George