Wednesday, May 1, 2019

MCC - Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Area 2-1)

Area 2-1 Pump Control

One of two possible ways for the PCs to reach the lower level, this room acts as a sort of barracks and sauna for the mole men, who are immune to the radiation present in the air and water. The ruined equipment here used to circulate the cooling water from the core to the underground reservoir. Now that the pumps are broken the water is heavily irradiated and has caused the damage to the elevator shaft as described in Are 1-3.

One end of this room is flooded with about a foot radioactive water coming in from the degraded elevator shaft. The other is dry with a hatch leading into the central maintenance area. The room is full of broken machinery and sleeping pallets of the mole men. It's far cleaner than the upper den (the bathrooms) but still cluttered with all manner of items. Three of the sleeping pallets appear to be occupied by the large forms of mole men warriors. 

The warriors here (HP 14 / 5 / 22) work with their leader in the stairwell to protect the inner lair and their queen. The atmosphere here is highly polluted by radioactivity and for every turn spent within a DC 12 Fortitude save is required to avoid taking 1d6 radiation damage. This is affected by anything done to the reactor from the main control or the central maintenance areas.

Mole Men:
Init: +2; Atk +1 Spear (1d7) or +1 Bow (1d6); Act: 1d20; AC: 13 (hides); HD: 3d10 (15); Mv: 20; SP Immune to Radiation; Sv. F +3, R +1, W +2
The room is largely empty of useful items but a thorough search of at least 1 turn can reward the PCs with a Multitool (pg 181) and, with a successful Luck check, a Sonic Spanner (pg 181).

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