Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Alphabet of Outer Beings - P is for Prophecy

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P is for Prophecy

Prophecies are predictions or foretelling of things to come. Often prophecies come in the form of cryptic , almost riddle-like, visions of the future through magical or divine means. These prophecies are difficult to interpret as they are often vague and the details as such that they could be fulfilled in multiple ways, or that the true intent of the prophecy is only made clear in the moment of it's coming to fruition.

In RPGs prophecies can be difficult to work with, and even more difficult for Judges to write. This will not write a prophecy for you, but instead give you a series of common pieces that you can string together in the rough structure of "A [adjective] [subject] will [verb] a [target] in [location]" or similar. The Judge is encouraged to roll when needed and parse together a prophecy that makes sense, or doesn't, or better still makes sense in more than one sense. A "groom will be slain by a crown" could be interpreted more than one way, a man to be married will be killed by a king/queen, or it could mean a groom (as in for horses) will be slain (as in will cease to be himself) by a crown (placed on their head when they gain control of a monarchy).

Table P1: Adjectives (roll 1d8)
  1. Albino
  2. Tyrant
  3. Innocent
  4. Pure
  5. Corrupt
  6. Lost
  7. Poor
  8. Wise
Table P2: Subjects (roll 1d10)
  1. Child/Son/Daughter
  2. WarriorHero/Champion
  3. Wizard/Sorcerer
  4. Demon
  5. Herald
  6. Father/Mother
  7. Prophet
  8. Marked
  9. Bride/Groom
  10. King/Queen
Table P3: Verbs (roll 1d12)
  1. Slay
  2. Find
  3. Release
  4. Become
  5. Born
  6. Perish/Die
  7. Be slain
  8. Bleed
  9. Sacrifice
  10. Replace
  11. Destroy
  12. Assemble
Table P4: Target
  1. Crown
  2. Weapon 
  3. Kingdom
  4. Book/Tome
  5. Gate
  6. Curse
  7. Temple
  8. Power
Table P5: Locations (roll 1d12)
  1. Direction:
    1. East
    2. West
    3. North
    4. South
  2. Water:
    1. Ocean/Sea
    2. River
    3. Lake
    4. Waterfall
  3. The Old Kingdom
  4. The Great City
  5. Jungle
  6. Steppes
  7. Wastes/Wastelands
  8. Below the earth
  9. Island
  10. Canyon
  11. Desert
  12. Mountains