Hacking the Cypher System & Other Stuff

On the off chance you're not interested in thematic discussion or the like here's a rundown of all my Cypher System posts only.

Hacking the Cypher System
Probably some of my best received columns are my deep dives into mechanical expansions, extensions, changes, house rules, and advice. Note: These are part of my Nuts & Bolts column, and the # in the title is from that.

Predation didn't blow up in my mind the way Gods of the Fall did. Maybe if I get a chance to play it more...
Gods of the Fall
There's a lot of Gods of the Fall Stuff, so it has its own page.

Furry Road - A Cypher System Homage to After the Bomb
I love the Cypher System but I also love Palladium's After the Bomb setting. Enough that at GenCon 2017 I ran a game of the former in the setting of the latter.


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