Wednesday, April 17, 2019

MCC - Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Area 1-6)

Area 1-6 Main Control Room

A complex artifact looking out onto the reactor chamber below. This room has a great deal of ambient radiation but also can enable the characters to shut down the reactor below.

A wall of hard air separates you from a room filled wall-to-wall with complex machinery and controls. Clearly an artifact of incredible complexity, it even has seats for two ancient ones to operate. Beyond the controls a window looks out onto a wide open space from which an intense purple glow emanates.   
The doors to the control room will automatically open for anybody with the comm badge from area 1-1, or with a DC 10 check by a Rover, a total of Str 20 applied, or 30 points of damage inflicted upon the hard air.

The hard air portal swooshes open and a wave of hot air rolls out and over you causing you skin to tingle and your nostrils to flare from the stale smell of aeons old air. You can now hear the quiet clicking and whirring of the great mechanism before you.

Any who enter the control room should make a DC 10 Fortitude save or take 1d6 radiation damage. Repeat this save for every turn (10 minutes) spent within the control room due to the in effective radiation shielding.

The artifact control panel uses the following results table:
  • 1: Meltdown! Claxons wail as the controls fail and the reactor enters meltdown. Meltdown will occur within 3d24 hours creating a massive explosion. In the lead up to the meltdown radiation within the facility rises dramatically forcing a DC 20 Fortitude save per round vs 1d30 radiation damage. 
  • 2-10: No effect. Such complexity boggles the mind and you simply fail to make any meaningful adjustments to the operation of this ancient device. 
  • 11-15: Minor adjustments to the operation of the reactor reduce the radiation output from the strange core. Reduce all Radiation DCs by 2 and the damage from failed saves by -1d.
  • 16-19: Partial Shutdown. The reactor is moved to standby power levels reducing all save DCs by 5 and damage by -2d.
  • 20+: Complete Shutdown. The reactor is fully shutdown removing the ongoing threat of radiation within 1 turn but also turning off all power within the facility.
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