Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday Interlude 2017 #1 - Turkeysaurus Rex

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Long time readers will be familiar with my crazier than usual (at least for me) holiday interludes. Usually they are posted during the week between Christmas and New Years but given the current cadence of posting and the fact that the last issue of Kamandi releases the Wednesday after Christmas I'm going to be tossing the Interludes out earlier. Also this affords me the chance to expand a bit outside of Christmas stuff...

Holiday Interludes

Name: Turkeysaurus Rex

Level: 8 (TN 24)

Health: 30 • Armor: 1

Damage: 10 with its foot claws, 6 with its serrated beak

Movement: Short

Modifications: Defense as level 6 due to massive size.

Combat: Turkeysaurus Rex attacks with both its serrated beak and its wicked foot claws each round, usually splitting the attack on different targets when outnumbered.

Interaction: Run. The Turkeysaurus Rex is an irritable apex predator that just happens to taste delicious when roasted and served with various veggies and gravy. Engage them at your own risk, or the risk of your dinner making you their dinner.

Use: Recently the outward expansion of the various Christmas holiday forces have begun to impinge upon the lands of Thanksgivingsville. The natural habitat of the Turkeysaurus Rex is now being threatened and as an apex predator the Turkeysaurus Rex has begun to expand its hunting grounds. As it turns out the Turkeysaurus Rex finds Gingerbread Ninjas especially delicious...

Loot: Eating a meal of the freshly roasted flesh of a Turkeysaurus Rex will force the eater into a 10 hour rest that will recover all pool points. Leftovers of the flesh are always a recovery cypher for a random pool of level 1d6+1 that restores its level in points.

GM Intrusion: The Turkeysaurus Rex caws loudly and summons 1 or more additional Turkeysaurus Rexes.