The CypherCaster

The CypherCaster is a fan-zine devoted to the Cypher System. It's available on DriveThurRPG here. I've written an article for almost all 8 of the currently released issues and I thought, "Gee, maybe I should put a little index up ..."

So, yeah, here you are:

Issue #1 contains an "Estate File" entry I did on the "Nine Realms" of Norse Mythology. It's based on and expands upon this story seed.

Issue #2 contains "Peril in Ismonnig," a one-page show’em letter that can be used as a Numenera adventure seed.

Issue #3 contains some Ninth World Colloquisms, a handful of new descriptors, and an adventure "The Wayward Hamlet"

Issue #5 (I skipped #4) contains a piece of GM advice "Putting Cypher Limits into Context" which deals with both cypher limits in context of your game world but also cyphers themselves.

Issue #6 contains a special "Hacking the Cypher System" column that isn't on the blog. "Hacking the Cypher System: Vehicles with Character" takes the idea of descriptors and pools and uses them to bring a great deal more complexity to spacecraft. I'm rather proud of this one.

For Issue #7 I did another "Estate Dossier" this time on a series of recursions that sprung up from giant robot and mecha anime and cartoons.

Most recently, and most proudly, I got the cover feature of Issue #8 with my Gods of the Fall adventure "Thirst." I playtested this one several times and I think it really captures the epic feel of Gods of the Fall.

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