Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Alphabet of Outer Beings - J is for Janissary

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J is for Janissary

Janissaries are elite warriors who act as the bodyguards for powerful or important individuals or households. Unlike crusaders, paladins, and zealots the sole responsibility of a janissary is to protect their charge. Janissary battalions are created by powerful patrons, as yet another means of control and influence over the mortal world, and by powerful churches to protect their highest ranking clerics and most treasured holy sites.

Table J1: Janissary Signature Weapons (roll 1d6)
Janissaries are often known for using a special weapon that is not commonplace outside of their ranks.
  1. Enchanted or Blessed weapon (gains +1 die increment to damage)
  2. Wands (contains 1d10+5 charges of an attack spell)
  3. Heavy Crossbow (Increase damage die 2 increments, takes a full action to reload)
  4. Compound Bow (Increase damage die 1 increment)
  5. Alchemical Grenades (thrown explosive that deals 3d6 damage to target, 2d6 in a 5' radius, and 1d6 damage, from 5' to 10' radius)
  6. Black Powder Muskets/Rifles (treat as a Heavy Crossbow (above), also ignores armor on attacks (or gains an attack die increment), and all fumbles results are automatically the highest possible result). 
Table J2: Janissary Specialized Support (roll 1d6)
Janissary battalions often benefited from specialized support that enabled them to focus on being purely military units.
  1. Cadre of elite surgeons or clerics specialized in healing and treating of wounds. 
  2. Artillery support via the use of ballista, catapults, black powder cannons, or magic  
  3. Engineering corps who clear or prepare the roads ahead (ensures faster movement)
  4. Service support who travel ahead of the main force to prepare camp (ensures better rested warriors)
  5. Armorer corps who maintain and provide weapons and armor
  6. Roll again twice.
Table J3: Codes of Conduct
Janissary units are held to very strict codes of conduct and loyalty. In addition to their unwavering loyalty to their employer, be it temple or or wizard, they are expected to follow strict codes of behavior. Janissaries belonging to a religious order are also expected to be devout and uphold the tenants of their religion.
  1. The Janissary may not marry.
  2. The Janissary must always be armed and armored in public.
  3. The Janissary may not practice any skill other than those of a warrior.
  4. The Janissary must accept all offers of surrender from their foes.
  5. The Janissary may not grow facial hair.
  6. Roll again twice.