Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday Interlude 2017 #2 - Father Time

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Holiday Interludes
The godly personification of time itself. Father Time is typically encountered in the form of an old and wizened man carrying a scythe. On occasion he displays an hourglass, watch, sundial, or similar timekeeping device, often when manipulating time itself. In all practical ways immortal, when "slain" Father Time becomes an infant who's very cry can tear down the old and usher in the new. 

Name: Father Time

Level: 15 (TN 45)

Health: 200 • Armor: 0

Damage: Special.

Movement: Immediate

Modifications: Father Time is Eternal, if he should ever be reduced to Zero Heath a new age begins and Father Time is reborn as an infant. In his infant form Father Time's wails bring down what was old and usher in what is yet to come.

Combat: Father Time attack with his scythe, reaping what has been sown and moving his target one step down the damage track.

Interaction: Father Time is usually encountered in the form of an elderly man with a scythe. He is pleasant to talk to and willing to hear all petitioners out, he does have all eternity afterall.

Use: Father Time is immeasurably powerful but he is also old and bored. He can often be convinced to send a person or persons back to an earlier to change the flow of events for the sheer novelty of the unfolding new timeline.

Loot: Father Time's Scythe is a level 10 artifact weapon dealing 10 damage that bypasses armor to a random pool with each attack when wielded by any being who is not Father Time. The depletion of the Scythe is often agreed upon between the borrower and Father Time and is usually limited to a specific number of uses after which the Scythe crumbles to dust and returns to Father Time.

GM Intrusion: Father Time sends the target forward or backward in time allowing them a chance to change history, or the ability to bypass events.