Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Alphabet of Outer Beings - V is for Vengeance

V is for Vengeance

Vengeance, the desire for a heaping bowl of revenge, best served cold and precise, like a good gazpacho. Vengeance, and revenge, can be either good or evil, lawful or chaotic. A paladin may seek vengeance by bringing the perpetrator to justice and, or they may fall from grace and descend into evil and chaos in order to exact their revenge. Revenge by itself is a neutral concept; a desire to balance an action (often an action perceived as wrong or harmful) with another.

Table V1: "Vengeance will be mine!" (roll 1d20)
  1. Said the Lord of Eternal Darkness to the God of the Blazing Sun at the birth of creation; and thus shall end the world. 
  2. Cried the holy champion after the razing of their deity's temple at the hands of the infidels.
  3. Exclaimed the child wielding the wooden toy sword.
  4. Screamed the sorcerer after his patron withdrew support at a crucial moment.
  5. Whispered the assassin as she removed another name from her list.
  6. Cried the king as he cursed the deity whose clerics failed to save his child.
  7. Said the master of the Guild of Larcenists after finding his safe open and empty. 
  8. Thought the captain of the merchant ship as he watched his cargo loaded onto a pirate vessel.
  9. Said the Wizard of the Red Tower as they recovered from a recently lost spell-duel.
  10. Proclaimed the King as he set his lords to ready for war.
  11. Groaned the necromancer as he felt his life ebb from his body.
  12. Swore the child of the chief amid the corpses of his tribe.
  13. Exclaimed the priest of dread Cthulhu as they fled the destruction of their temple. 
  14. Gibbered the goblin shaman as they set upon the killers of their tribe. 
  15. Growled the dragon upon finding its favorite bauble stolen.
  16. Proclaimed the Queen of the Winter Faerie upon learning of the death of her Winter Knight.
  17. Promised the immortal while cradling her lover's body.
  18. Thought the soul of the wizard as it observed its rival taking over its sanctum.
  19. Whispered the librarian after finding the stacks disorganized.
  20. Dreamed the Old One in its prison of eternal slumber.