Monday, July 19, 2021

It's been a year

 2020 right?

What a mess. It was July 1st last year when I last posted. Because I thought, "Gee I'm stuck at home with lots of time, I'll get back to blogging!"

Instead my mental health had a banner year. Not a good banner. 

I'm better though, now.

Well... I'm "better" now. Stable. Medicated. 

I still have my moments. I still think I'm a sucky writer and a crappy GM despite all evidence to the contrary. 

I want to get back to writing though. I just don't know what, and I have trouble motivating myself to do so. It's hard. 

Why am I writing this? Why should you care? Because I think we need to disable the stigmas around mental health. Because I think there are people out there who feel similarly. Because I finally realized it wasn't my fault and I didn't have to beat myself up about it, and neither do you. 

Am I coming back to regular blogging? I don't know. Maybe.

Don't worry about that though. I'd rather you be honest with yourself if you need help. I wasn't until I finally was, and I wish I had been sooner. 


  1. Hey, Marc. It's good to hear from you, so to speak. I still have your blog bookmarked from back in the more active days. I really enjoy your writing, your GM tips, etc... i check it from time to time, particularly when I'm neck deep in Cypher.

    I appreciate this particular post. I believe a great many people face their own silent battles, and that you're correct that the ridiculous, but very real, stigma must be removed from our society.

    I'm glad your situation has improved from last year, and I hope it continues to improve from here. Sending positive thoughts from afar, my friend.

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