Monday, October 20, 2014

Story Seed - Plotting

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At'osi rang her finger around the rim of the glass as it floated before her.  She stared into the purple liquid and rang through what had been said, ignoring the holographic display to her right.  "How do you propose we execute this plan of yours? Humanity has not returned to the moon in some time."

Elm'on nodded, "That is true, but we need not travel to Earth's moon.  We will instead execute the plan from the prime world itself."

"What you propose would seem implausible Elm'on. Explain, and do not make me ask again for greater clarity," At'osi said sternly.  The woman was clearly not in a patient mood, but such was the prerogative of a member of the Karum in her rank.

"Et'ril has made breakthroughs. The gravity beam is nearly ready, and of sufficient strength to destabilize the moon's orbit.  We only required access to one of the inapposite gates and we can bring about the end of this wretched world and set Ruk free to surf the fractal waves once more!" Elm'on was very nearly breathing heavily; excitement flushed his face.

The room was silent for a minute save only Elm'on's excited breathing.  Finally At'osi dismissed the hologram and finished her drink in one hefty quaff.  "You," she said, "are a fool. Do you really think that Et'ril's equipment could possibly survive long enough on Earth to engineer the ends that you envision?" She shook her head and rose, "Such a plan ..." She shook her head again.  "It has already be weighed and found wanting, even before Et'ril's research was successful.

"That the Earth must die, is of no doubt, but success hinges on means more probable and methods more secure." She looked her subordinate in the eyes, "Find me another way."


Summary - The goals of the Karum are well known; freedom for Ruk by the means of Eath's destruction. But not all plans proposed are approved by those in control of the Karum.