Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Story Seed - Spirit Rise

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"Look," the elder commanded. Around her the small forms of her students gazed upwards into the evening sky. "Do you see the lights?" she asked, her voice quiet in the darkness as she looked upward to the heavens as well.

Streaks of light in hues of purple and green, white and blue, rose from the land, the sea, and the islands. The light rose into the night sky, illuminating it is shifting ribbons of color, washing out the starlight itself.  The light converged far above, higher than could be seen, a single point that seemed to gather all of the brightness to it.

There were many tiny gasps of delight and wonderment and finally a tiny voice asked, "Elder, what is it?"

The old qephilim pursed her lips, thinking for a moment. "There are texts from the Age of Myth that tell of this night. Or at least I believe them to do so. None can be certain, but I believe this to be the Spirit Rise."

"What's the Spirit Rise?" another voice asked.

"The texts say that it is the time when the Night Vaults finally release the spirits of the dead so long long gone that all living have forgotten them." The elder brushed away a tear, "If it is true I know not what lies beyond even death itself."


Summary - Once in every great age the Night Vaults open, and the spirits of the long dead are released. Their time in the underworld is complete as none living remember them. On a single night these spirits can be seen rising from all over Ardeyn toward a single point in the night sky.  None know their destination.  Are they moving to some greater afterlife than the Night Vaults? Are they rising to become stars, or to rejoin the sun itself?