Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Interlude #2 - Gingerbread Ninjas

Image Source: http://d-mac.deviantart.com/art/Savage-Samurai-Santa-72519160

Turns out that not all gingerbread life is friendly or festive. The gingerbread ninjas are mortal enemies of Santa. Too long they and their families lived in fear of being devoured during the holidays! And so they took up candy sword canes, peppermint nunchucks, and marzipan shuriken and learned the deadly arts of confectionary ninjutsu.

Name: Gingerbread Ninja

Level: 3 (TN 9) [

Health: 10 • Armor: 1

Damage: 3

Movement: Immediate

Modifications: Level 4 speed defense due to confectionary ninjutsu. Level 4 for stealth tasks for all senses but smell.

Combat: In combat the gingerbread ninjas deal 3 damage from unarmed and weapon attacks.  Alternately they can grapple with a target and hold them (giving the target an inability in speed defense). Targets can break free with an action and a successful might based roll to escape.

Interaction:  Gingerbread ninjas cannot speak (they don't have mouths drawn on), but they can occasionally be reasoned with. They communicate with each other via strange hand gestures which are nigh impossible to learn (level 6 linguistics task).

Use: Gingerbread ninjas are constantly harrying Santa during his yearly voyage, the PCs may find Jolly Ol' St. Nick in dire need of some defense from their sweet assassination attempts.

Notes: Gingerbread ninjas are extremely afraid of large quantities of milk, and will flee to avoid being dunked.

Loot: Slain gingerbread ninjas will leave behind only crumbs. Bah, Humbug!

GM Intrusion: The gingerbread ninja drops a flour-based smoke bomb and when the smoke clears it has escaped, or it has been joined by as many as 3 additional ninjas.

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