Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Interlude #1 - Gingerbread Dragon

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Since this will be a short week due to the holidays I am tossing out the usual format and doing some holiday inspired madness.  Today I found this great image on Deviant Art and shared it to G+ but after some thought I got inspired so ... here's a holiday monster for your Cypher System needs.

Name: Gingerbread Dragon

Level: 5 (TN 15)

Health: 30 • Armor: 1

Damage: 6

Movement: Immediate on ground / long while flying

Modifications: Level 4 speed defense due to size. Fire based attacks do +1 damage. Social interactions at level 6 when grumpy or in a humbug mood, but level 4 when jolly and festive.

Combat: In combat the gingerbread dragon can bite for 6 damage.  Alternately it can claw one creature and attack another in the same action for 4 damage to each.  The gingerbread dragon can also breathe icing as an attack within short range.  The icing causes 4 damage and requires an additional speed defence roll to avoid immobilization. Immobile targets lose any speed defense training while immobile and can break free as an action on a future turn.

Interaction:  Gingerbread dragons are generally festive and friendly if interacted with within the spirit of the holidays but are confrontational with those who are humbugs or combative.

Use: Gingerbread dragons act as guardians of the holidays and holiday related sites. The North Pole has at least 3 dragons while the home of Father Time is guarded by a single level 8 ancient gingerbread dragon for example.

Notes: Gingerbread dragons are especially fond of gifts and if presented with a holiday gift all pleasant social interactions will gain an asset for that scene.

Loot: Slain gingerbread dragons will leave behind a single holiday appropriate cypher (healing/recovery cyphers, flight, and the like).  The lairs of gingerbread dragons can be looted for an additional 1d6 holiday themed cyphers.

GM Intrusion: The gingerbread dragon sprays an especially powerful attack of thick frosting in a cone within short range.  The frosting attack does 6 damage and requires a speed defense roll against its level +1 to the targets lose 1 speed edge for the remainder of the encounter due to the sticky frosting.

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