Monday, October 5, 2015

Story Seed - One Man's Trash

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"Truly it is everything that you claimed Wrenph. A treasure trove of the numenera unlike any I have ever seen."

Wrenph nodded silently as he leaned on his staff. The nano had requested a steep price for the life of his wife, one that most could not have met. Wrenph was not most however. He was a student of the past himself, and trading in numenera was his primary source of income. Showing Kiolaj this place was a small price to pay for his wife's health however. "You are satisfied, yes? My wife you will cure now?"

Kiolaj patted his thuman companion as the creature dug about in the thick carpet of metal, synth, and glass components. "Yes. Yes, this is truly your side of our deal fulfilled." The red robed man knelt down and scooped up a double handful of small items, filtering them through loose fingers until a single cube half the size of his palm remained. He turned the cube over in his hands, amazed that such a rare find was simply lying here amidst so much else.

Kiolaj reached into his robes and withdrew a vial. "Give her the contents of this vial as directly as you can manage, an injector would be best. She should recover within one passage of the moon. If not find me again, here, and I will give you another dose." The thuman returned with an object made up of a bundle of metal and synth rods and dropped it into the nano's hand. "I fear I shall be here for some time before my thirst for the numenera is slaked."

Wrenph bowed, "There is enough for a lifetime here. Just do not drown yourself trying to quench that thirst."

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