Friday, February 26, 2016

Shadow of the Sea Lord - Pregen #6 - Eren Auma

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Eren Auma
Level: 3 / Priest / Oracle


Eren Auma has seen a great deal of the world. He's wandered its depth and breadth as a nomadic pilgrim of the old faith. An orphan after his parents perished from plague Eren was raised by the church of the god of light. When he came of age he decided to become a brother and began a long pilgrimage to the great temples of his faith.

During his travels he spent a great deal of time in dwarven lands, long enough that he picked up the language, as well as a bad habit of cursing. This was only deepened during his time serving as a apothecary onboard a merchant ship.

Eren spent time thereafter as an inquisitor minor, and his zeal and strength with theurgic magics aided him in those endeavours, but ultimately he found that the shades of grey that colored the decisions of inquisitor's did not appeal to him. Eren preferred to help people for the simple sake of helping, and his inherent sense of fairness made the difficult job of an inquisitor even more so.

Eren came to Freeport to visit the temple there, and decided to stay on as his somewhat rough ways and prior life experience make him well suited to the city and the faithful therein.

Race: Human
Age: 32 yrs
Sex: Male

Strength: 10
  • Health: 20
  • Healing Rate: 5
Agility: 10
  • Defense: 10
Intellect: 11
  • Perception: 11
Willpower: 14
  • Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Size: 1 (avg. build)
Appearance: plain and uninteresting
Speed: 10
Power: 2 (Rank 0: 3 per day, Rank 1: 2 per day, Rank 2: 1 per day)

Languages: Common (literate), Dwarven
Backgrounds: religious pilgrim, inquisitor, sailor, healer/apothecary, nomad

Interesting Thing: Staff that emits light in a 1 yard radius

Race & Class Abilities
  • Shared Recovery Spend an action to heal damage equal to your healing rate and choose a creature within short range who also heals damage equal to its healing rate. Usable once per full rest.
  • Prayer Spend a triggered action to grant 1 boon to a creature within short range for attack or challenge rolls. 
  • Divine Ecstasy Spend an action to enter a state of divine ecstasy for 1 minute. (SotDL pg 67)
Spell Knowledge
  • Life (Will)
    • Rank 0
      • Minor Healing (SotDL pg 133)
    • Rank 1
      • Light Healing (SotDL pg 133)
  • Theurgy (Will)
    • Rank 0
      • Create Holy Symbol (SotDL pg 144)
      • Denounce (SotDL pg 144)
    • Rank 1
      • Blessing (SotDL pg 145)
      • God Hammer (SotDL pg 145)
Wealth: Getting By
Equipment: 3 torches, dagger, staff, basic clothing, backpack, week of rations, waterskin, tinderbox, pouch w/ 2cp,