Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 Holiday Interlude #1 - Frostborn Snowmen

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Name: Frostborn Snowman

Level: 3 (TN 9)

Health: 14 • Armor: 1

Damage: 3

Movement: Short on level ground or ascending, Long if skiing/sledding downhill

Modifications: Defense as level 1 against heat & fire attacks & environmental effects. Defense as level against water based attacks, and failed water based attacks heal 1 point of health.

Combat: Snowmen attack with their limbs, or a weapon if they have one. A snowman can also form snowballs and attack at up to short range for 2 points of damage.

Interaction: Good snowmen can be jolly and helpful especially providing advice how to find good places to ski or sled and locations where hot cocoa can be found. Evil snowmen are seldom willing to parlay and will attack to protect whatever they have been set to protect, or whatever target they can reach if they are wandering.

Use: Good snowmen are often found near the lairs of Gingerbread Dragons and/or the North Pole and are happy to help visitors. Evil snowmen are often created by Gingerbread Ninjas to act as guards or to aid them in attacking Santa's elves or Gingerbread Dragons.

Notes: The above stats are for frostborn snowmen of human stature. Larger creatures will have higher levels and non-humanoid snowmen will have additional or different capabilities.

Loot: Slain snowmen will leave behind a single holiday appropriate cypher (healing/recovery cyphers, flight, and the like) in the form of an article of clothing or piece of their non-snow features.

GM Intrusion: The frostborn spends a turn creating another snowman to aid it.

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