Monday, July 17, 2017

Furry Road - The Scout

Design Notes: Let's start with the basics; Soars Across the Sky is found in In Translation. I wanted to ensure that the character had true flight and this was one of the few foci that provided it, and early enough for this to allow for an interesting pregen character. As a scout I needed to get some perception in there and Sharp-Eyed  worked well at that and provided the "Find the Flaw" ability that I thought made an interesting addition to the character and took her in a slightly different direction with a more military intelligence feel rather than a more "traditional" field scout. Adept was a weird fit, but I wanted two of each type and I'd already run out of Explorers. In this case though I think it worked out to make for an interesting set of abilities when combined with the idea of a mor military espionage & intelligence scout. 

Nausicaa the Bird is a Sharp-Eyed Adept who Soars Across the Sky
Tier 3 • Effort 3
Might 10 • Edge 0
Speed 15 • Edge 2
Intellect 17 • Edge 1

Cypher Limit: 3

Armor: 1 (flight suit, no penalty)

  • Trained
    • initiative
    • assessing danger
    • Sneaking
    • intelligence gathering 
  • Specialized
    • perception

  • Find the Flaw
  • Hover (1 Speed points)
  • Flight Suit
  • Flight (4+ Speed points)
  • Flying Punch
  • Protected Flight (3 Speed points)
  • Practiced with Light weapons
  • Push (2 Intellect points; SFX: buffet the target with your wings) 
  • Scan (2 Intellect points)
  • Understanding (2 Intellect points)
  • Subterfuge
  • Flex Skill

  • Custom .45 Carbine (light ranged weapon, long range, 4 damage)
  • nightstick (light melee weapon)

Equipment: Aerodynamic flight suit (counts as light armor with no penalty), shotgun microphone, binoculars, gear harness, 2x rations, box of chalk.

Initial Link to the Adventure: You’ve been noticing some strange things going on, and this all appears related.

  • Anthony the Mouse made you your custom carbine which has served you well in the field. 
  • Jessie the Rabbit once mistook you for an enemy and nearly took you out with a grenade. You still have a few scars from the burns.
  • You are impressed with, and a bit envious of, Nux the Horse's ability with firearms. 

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