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The Alphabet of Outer Beings - L is for Legends

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L is for Legends

Many are the legends and myths that surround powerful beings. These may be part of a Deity's religion or the rumor's surrounding a Patron's mortal life. Some such may be true, others patently false, and still others couched in such doublespeak that the truth is forever concealed. Some may be consider apocryphal despite their truth while others are embraced despite their falsehood. Below are 20 random legends that can be applied to any Outer Being or even used for other power creatures. For any given legend roll a d6, if the result is odd the legend is false, if even it is true.

Table L1: Random Legends (roll 1d20)
  1. The outer being gained the power and position by slaying another of their kind whose name is now lost to the winds of time.
  2. The most powerful mortal agent of the outer being is actually empowered by a fragment of its essence. 
  3. The outer being once slew a powerful dragon and freed an entire country from it's evil. 
  4. The outer being has many children by mortals who all stand to inherit the being's power should they perish. 
  5. Somewhere out in the world there exists a weapon forged expressly to kill the outer being. 
  6. The outer being has created many powerful weapons to be used by champions of the being's alignment and cast them throughout the world. 
  7. The outer being is a false being, a charlatan who uses the power of their worshipers or followers to further itself without having any true power of its own.
  8. The outer being is lying about its alignment and motives.
  9. An entire race of demi-humans exists because of a curse from the outer being.
  10. The outer being is the sole survivor of a faction of outer being's who were destroyed ages ago. 
  11. The outer being was once more powerful but through unknown means has lost some of its former power.
  12. A great and powerful empire lies buried in the west with a deep connection to the outer being.
  13. The outer being's aide is taxing and only through their followers and worshipers are they able to maintain their ties to the mortal realms. 
  14. The outer being is dying, and its followers are insufficient to do more than slow its death.
  15. The outer being sacrificed the lion's share of its power creating a powerful (roll 1d6) 
    1. creature 
    2. weapon
    3. magical spell 
    4. seal on a prison
    5. artifact of power
    6. other (judge's discretion)
  16. An avatar of the outer being will be born to a mortal family when the next celestial alignment occurs. 
  17. The outer being is waging a war against an ideological opposite and uses the power gained from worshipers/followers to fuel that conflict.
  18. The outer being is the warden of a prison for powerful entities beyond knowing.
  19. Unlike others of its kind the outer being lives in the mortal realms and hides itself with powerful magics or remote locations.
  20. The outer being was born a mortal marked for greatness who fulfilled an ancient prophecy and gained their immeasurable power.

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