Wednesday, May 15, 2019

MCC - Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Area 2-3)

Area 2-3 Reactor Access

A larger airlock style chamber that provides access into and out of the reactor. Only one door to this room can be open at a time. If a character enters the access chamber with the facility comm badge the doors will cycle automatically within 1 minute. Alternately a DC 12 check by a Rover will engage the cycle. If neither option is available a total of 50 damage must be done to the mechanisms to force the closed door open.

A chamber no bigger than three long paces on a side. The door into this room is heavier and thicker than those you have seen prior. The door opposite is the same way and remains closed. Within the chamber are a triplicate of lockers on one wall. 

The ambient radiation here is high, unless the reactor was turned off, and requires a DC 14 Fortitude save every turn to avoid 1d8 radiation damage.

The lockers contain 1 medishot (pg 178) and 1 radshot (pg 178).

Exits to:


  1. At some point, you are going to compile these, right?

    1. These are indexed on the Mutant Crawl Classics page (from the header bar above the post), but I don't have any intent on publishing this formally if that's what you mean.