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MCC - Purple Pit of the Mole Men (Area 1-4)

Area 1-4 The Break Room

Once on the other side of the debris barrier the PCs should notice a pair of doorways on the left side of the room. The farther of the two leads to the break room, and the Judge may opt to have the flickering light of a fire come from the doorway and/or the sound of high-pitched mole men voices. If the players sneak up to the entry they should definitely see and hear these. Should they look in describe the following:

Through the opening you can see into a small room, no more than 15 feet on a side. Two of the walls are occupied by storage compartments with a large metal storage box directly across from the opening. The center of the room is filled with a fire-pit over which a large pot or cauldron hangs and from which the sounds and smells of some kind of strange stew cooking can be experienced. Huddled around this meal-to-be are a group of mole men [1+1/2 PCs; typically 4] conversing in a strange chittering language.

The mole men will react hostilely to any intruders and a pitched battle is almost certain to happen. The first four mole men in the room have 14/14/12/11 hit points, roll 3d10 for any additional mole men you may need.

If the combat takes more than 3 rounds, or spills out into the main room (Area 1-2) the mole men from area 1-5 will ambush the PCs.

Mole Men:
Init: +2; Atk +1 Spear (1d7) or +1 Bow (1d6); Act: 1d20; AC: 13 (hides); HD: 3d10 (15); Mv: 20; SP Immune to Radiation; Sv. F +3, R +1, W +2
Once the mole men are defeated the players will likely search the room. The cabinets are largely empty except for old gnawed bones and rotting scraps of flesh. The large metal cabinet however contains a useful item:

When you open the large metal container a wave of cool air that reeks of rotting meat and stale blood wafts out. On the center shelf the de-fleshed skull of a human stares back at you. The grisly sight is tempered by the metal object residing within the right eye of the skull. An apparent artifact of the ancients it seems to have replaced the owners original eye. 

This is a cyber-eye artifact (pg 178 and when activated with any check result of 12+ by any character who is not a healer it will immediately and forcibly implant itself in their head, destroying and replacing one of their eyes if need be and dealing 1d3 damage. For a healer any result of 12+ will allow them to hold the eye in preparation for a less traumatic surgery at the time of their choosing.

The first player daring (or foolish) enough to sample the stew in the pot must make a DC 12 Fortitude save. If they fail they will lose 1d3 Stamina from a rather nasty case of food poisoning. If they succeed they will earn +1 Luck (replaces lost luck first).

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