Friday, September 12, 2014

Inspiration Strikes Back

So ... a blog.

I'm not sure what this will be, or become, but for starters it will be a place for my bits of Inspiration for RPGs.  It'm my intent to try and revive a series of articles I wrote a few years back in a new spot.  We'll see if it works.

First a little bit about myself.

I've been playing RPGs for nearly 25 years.  A not entirely comprehensive list:

  • Numenera
  • The Strange
  • Dragon AGE
  • Shadowrun (2nd & 3rd Editions)
  • Nightbane/Nightspawn
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG
  • TMNT & Other Strangeness
  • Ninjas and Superspies
  • Heroes Unlimited
  • The Aeon Trinity - Trinity, Aberrant, & Adventure!
  • Scion
  • Mutants & Masterminds
  • Rifts
  • FATE
  • AD&D 2nd Ed
I'm missing or leaving out plenty, especially games I played only once or twice, and a handful I read but never played for various reasons.  Games like Deadlands & Star Wars, or Fiasco & Durance. Lots of games over the years. 

Most recent on that list that get a lot of play are Dragon AGE, which has some of the most fun and dynamic combat play I have ever played due to the stunt system it uses, and Numenera, which I can honestly say is my hands down favorite RPG to run thanks to the Cypher System which just makes it easy to be GM.

I have played and run games with friends and strangers; in person, by video chat, by text chat, play by post and play by email. While playing in person with friends is certainly the gold standard there is something to be said for the immersive level of play one can get out of a good play by post with people who write well. 

I've dabbled in reviews in the past (and may write some more here), and even put together a series of articles (which this blog shares its name with) for some time on a small site call ed Ultimately I intend to use this blog for fiction, ideas, and other musings. We'll see how successfully I maintain it.