Wednesday, May 27, 2015

... and the award goes to ...

Last week I announced that in celebration of the first issue of the CypherCaster Magazine and my first published work I'd be giving away a free copy of the 'zine to a lucky reader. I got a number of entries (don't read into that too much, technically 0 is a number) and use complex mathematical base random determination to choose from the entries (I rolled some dice (actually I "rolled" some digital dice since the number of entries did not conform to standard dice)).

The prize goes to: Google user "World Control"

I've sent you an email to confirm your DriveThruRPG account email so I can send you a coupon. To everybody else who entered, thank you for your interest I may be able to do this again for issue #2. In the meantime I hope some of you (or all, all is good) consider purchasing the 'zine and letting us know what you think of it by leaving/posting reviews.

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